Initiatic Art Therapy

Initiatic art therapy is a life journey through art expression, the use of creativity to express our pain, our hurt, our desires. It can be used to build a road map of where you are going, and to see how far you have come. It uses a variety of modalities, from plasticine and clay, to paint, and oil and chalk pastels.

Guided Drawing and Clay Field Therapy are both types of sensorimotor art therapies, which support the awareness of what is happening in our bodies, and encourages the expression of the motor impulses of trauma that is held in our bodies. This allows the development of new neurological pathways around the trauma to significantly improve healing and wellbeing.

Melanie completed her Certificate of Initiatic Art Therapy in April 2015 with the Institute for Sensorimotor Art Therapy & School for Initiatic Art Therapy, and the Certificate of Clay Field Therapy in May 2016. She is currently studying for the Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice at MIECAT in Melbourne.

She offers initiatic art therapy sessions, including guided drawing and clay field therapy, and group sessions at the GIGs Artists Studios on the Lincoln Causeway, Albury Wodonga. For more information, and to book, please contact Mel or see our Facebook page.