When the New Year isn't "New" Anymore!

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So the New Year has well and truly begun and life is marching on by before our very eyes.

Pretty soon we’re a month or two in and, dare I say it, Christmas won’t seem so far away again.

Our focus at the start of the year is so targeted on beginning on a high; making big changes, embarking on new resolutions to better last year’s version of ourselves. We want to do better, be better or, sometimes, do less and enjoy more. Either way, we have high expectations of what we are going to achieve and we are encouraged to dream big in the hopes of being happier with our existence and ourselves.

Setting goals is a fantastic way to challenge ourselves to achieve self improvement, which I really think life is all about. Life is a constant process of challenge and growth that really defines us as who we are. For anyone that has set themselves a challenge or resolved to do something, I wish to encourage you to keep motivated and work hard to accomplish what you have set out to do. Good on you for embarking on the challenge.

However, I also understand that setting goals and making changes requires work and effort, and creating expectations of yourself can add pressure, increase anxiety and be a massive source of disappointment when set goals are not achieved.

If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured you are very much not alone. I would like to also tell you that it’s ok to fail. After all, they say failure is the greatest teacher. You know what though? Sometimes life doesn’t have room for growth and goal setting and challenge. Sometimes life is getting through one day at a time, entering survival mode to get through the here and now, and that is perfectly ok too, and requires a certain level of wisdom to be able to identify. There is a time for everything and you may find you grow through this time too, and maybe not in the way you imagined. You may find yourself in position one day, where the pressure is not so much and maybe then you can look at setting a challenge for yourself because you will have the time to dedicate to achieving it. You’ll know when you are ready to take on something new.

When you do feel ready, you should also know: You DON’T HAVE TO WAIT until the calendar reads January 1st to embark on a challenge or set a resolution or make a change. Yes, it’s lovely and neat to start something on a special date, but if you’re ready and motivated now or next week why not get started?

Furthermore, don’t get too hung up on setting huge challenges or making massive changes all at once. While it’s good to shoot for the starts, sometimes it’s not realistically achievable. Maybe starting small and succeeding at that will give you the motivation and confidence to take on something bigger next time.

Remember all change takes work and dedication, so keep your head up, keep working and you will see results but be kind to yourself in the process.