How can we show Random Acts of Kindness?

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Christmas is almost upon us and is meant to be the time of giving....but shouldn't we be “giving” every day of the year?

And I don't mean giving presents – I mean giving our friends, family and even strangers.

Kindness starts with one person (ie; YOU) - a smile, a small nod of the head to acknowledge someone, a kind word of encouragement...aren't these things that we could incorporate into our daily routine?

For some reason the “negative” in life has because the “normal” in our lives. We get so bogged down in how things affect us, we are always rushing around, trying to cram everything into our day, that sometimes, when something “positive” happens to us, we don't really take the time to acknowledge's like a fleeting moment of feeling all warm and fuzzy, then boom, back to the daily grind – head down, bum up and back to being all negative (possibly a bit extreme, but I'm sure you're picking up, what I'm putting down).

I recently read an article where the writer pondered the thought........what if we stopped thinking about them as RANDOM acts of kindness, and starting thinking of them as INTENTIONAL acts of kindness. Mind.blown - this thought is BANG on (or #onpoint for all you millennials). What a truly amazing and liberating thought (well it was for me anyway – it was almost a light bulb moment, combined with a few hells yeah).

I know, for me, I occasionally send my sister (who lives in another state) a text message that simple says “love you”, because I know, when she finally gets around to checking at her phone, it will put a smile on her beautiful face. Or, while I'm at the supermarket, I might see my Mum's favourite coffee sachets on sale, so I'll buy her a box, or perhaps a bag of licorice as I know it's one of her guilty pleasures.

You have no idea, how one tiny little action can change someone's day around. Let's start introducing acts of kindness into our daily routine (keep it simple, kindness doesn't mean grand expensive gestures).

In our blog last year, we gave you a few ideas on random acts of kindness, but here are few more ideas you can start incorporating into your daily routine....or perhaps “food for thought” if you will;

  • Hug your loved ones

  • Make eye contact and smile at people

  • If you know someone has had a bad day, send a text to check on them and make sure they are okay.

  • Hold the door open for the person behind you

  • Even though it can be annoying at times, let the person merge in front of you (and suppress any bad thoughts when they don't give you the polite “thank you” wave...and definitely no finger gestures)

  • Be the one who shifts a negative conversation into a positive one

  • Mow your neighbours lawn or maybe water their plants

  • Text a friend or family member telling them that you're thinking of them

  • Put your phone down – give people your FULL attention

  • If you see a group of people taking a group photo – offer to take it for them so everyone can be in the photo

  • Offer up your seat on the bus or train to someone who looks like they need it

  • Throw compliments around like they are confetti

  • And above nice to YOURSELF

See…..kindness doesn’t have to cost you a single penny! So, who wants to make kindness the new “normal”. All in favour…say I.